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yep I know that amitkb, what? you didn't install the glib for it... your running off a live CD or something. You shouldn't be doing that. I know what a live CD is What is the error? You could install a debootstrap No you should if you have a chroot, it would be easier. How do I install one of those? and I am not going to parse through your excuses and answers to that question. amitkb, it said somethign about no suitable device found amitkb, :) what error amitkb? L3top i think he did try to install a debootstrap u said there was no error but how to install debootstrap then? ah good racho. I thought you would have tried that and failed. do you have the steps you followed amitkb? amantkb: you should have rebooted after you installed the nvidia stuff Yes amitkb, your using kubuntu? ok L3top, I did that amitkb, so you want to install an ubuntu live CD? amitkb, i tried to install it on my machine and it said no suitable device found amitkb, i think amanthakur means you should be using a supported installation CD. you don't need a chroot to install a debootstrap.



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VAG-COM Revival.rar arcaug

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